What is a Lemonfairy anyway?

Many years ago, it was said that a lost wanderer encountered a Lemonfairy in the mysterious Magical Forest of Lemons. The strange creature offered to guide the wanderer out from the forest in exchange for delicious food and a pledge of eternal loyalty to the lemon race.

Report of another sighting claimed that it was found to be clumsily hiding behind a tree and actively engaging in what is believed to be its natural behavior, which scientists later termed “lurking”.

The Lemonfairy is shy in nature so should you ever encounter one in the wild, you must remember to never carelessly approach it. If startled, it will most likely throw glitter at you to blind you before running away.

Rumors have it that this Lemonfairy creature is currently hidden away within the depths of the forest and spends its free time translating yuri novels into English. Please feel free to check them out in the Novels section.